23 million in cash

23 million dollars is the money that Tokyo inhabitants found on the streets and returned to lost and found offices during the year 2002. 72% of that money was recovered by the original owners and the 19% was given to the people who found the money if nobody claimed it within 6 months.

Umbrellas are the item that gets lost more times in Tokyo, every year between 300.000 and half million umbrellas are stored in lost and found offices. But it seems nobody cares about them, only 0.3% are claimed, that’s why more than 10 million umbrellas are accumulated in Tokyo’s lost and found offices, they must have some kind of Guinness world record!

I liked the ending where it explains how Mr.Hirahaya found 13.000 yen. He brought the money to a koban, after some time nobody claimed it and the police gave him back the money. ”I feel uncomfortable holding another person’s money,” Mr. Hirahaya said ”I think many Japanese people feel the same way and hand over something they find. I think among Japanese there’s still a sense of community since ancient times.”

Last week I found this bag and I followed the Japanese way. It was pretty boring to explain to the police that I’ve found it, they asked me all kinds of questions.


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look on the bright side, so many unclaimed umbrella’s you don’t need to buy one, just make up a description and im sure you’ll get one.

Last year I found a wallet near Asakusa that contained, amongst many cards, 70000 yen. Handed it in to the Koban and a week later received a call from a very happy man. He sent me 10000 yen worth of vouchers for Mitsukoshi department store … really happy with that outcome 🙂

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