3D Genbaku dome

“Genbaku dome” was the nearest building to the point where the Hiroshima atomic bomb exploded. It was 150m above the building, in the air. But it was one of the only buildings in the city center that was not totally destroyed. Look at the next picture, it’s pretty amazing how “Genbaku Dome” stands in the middle of nothing.

Foto de

Japanese people decided to keep the building without restoring it and built a museum and a park where you can see the “Genbaku Dome” from outside. The people from this website had the opportunity to take some pictures from inside, and created some excellent 3D panoramic views (Click on on [FULLSCREEN QTVR] to see them).

View 3D panoramic views from inside Genbaku dome

By the way, Tokyo VR is another really cool website with many 3D panoramic views from Tokyo.