6 months writing in English

It’s been six months since I started translating posts from my Spanish blog into English. Good things are: I improved my English and started to know the English blog community in Japan, that means meeting new people and making new friends. Bad things: it is very boring to translate something you have already written.

This English version had 255.209 pageviews in six months, not bad, but ridiculous compared with the Spanish version that has now more than 11 millions pvs. I translated 133 posts, the most commented post is this one, you guys made 498 comments, that’s more than two comments per day. The visitors who made more comments were: Sheerblade, Jamaipanese and Brad.

Thanks a lot to all the people who made comments or participated in this blog’s conversation from their own blogs.

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You are welcome

I genuinely enjoy visiting your blog and it is among my must visits even if I don’t always comment. I don’t speak spanish so you better keep the english alive! ^_^

Kudos! 133 posts in six months means 22 per month… only in English, plus the Spanish ones! I don’t know how you get the time to do all this stuff, but hope you keep it up, man!

I find myself viewing this site daily hoping for another post. So I have to say, thanks for the enjoyment.

love visiting this place so i see you s peak spanish as well 😀 im hoping to learn japanese currently learning hiragana i now some words but preferred to start fro mthe ground up keep up the good work

Yes, thank you very much for the English posts.

I wonder, how much time does this blog take out your day?

Te animo a que lo sigas haciendo. Yo estoy intentando mejorar mi inglés y la verdad es que tu blog (que acabo de descubrir) me está ayudando.

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