7.25 Million iPhones Were Sold in Japan During 2011

The Apple iPhone strengthened last year its position as the best-selling smartphone in Japan. During 2011 7.25 million iPhones were sold, reaching a 30% of the smartphone market share. Approximately 5.7% of the Japanese population bought a new iPhone last year. Impressive numbers!

My iPhone

The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone but if you look at the data of which operating system is dominating the market you can see that 69% of Japanese smartphones uses Android. On the other hand, “traditional” Japanese keitai still control 43% of the general cell phone market in Japan, where Sharp and Fujitsu sell almost as many keitais as Apple sells smartphones.

Me and the iPhone 3G
It seems like yesterday when the first iPhone was launched in Japan but it’s been almost four years now.

Via: Engadget.

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