Aibo Smartphone – Bandai's Smartpet

Bandai has just released (only in Japan at the moment) a new accesory to turn your smartphone into some kind of Aibo robot. The name of the gadget is SmartPet (スマートペット) and it’s on sale at Amazon Japan for around 55 euros / 70 dollars. It works combining the gadget with an application developed by Bandai. The Smartpet can dance, walk and you have to feed it once in a while.



Bandai Smartpet TV commercial:

And this is a video that shows in more detail how it works and everything you can do with a Smartpet:

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If you don’t live in Japan or understand Japanese don’t bother purchasing . It’s a waste of money. All the instructions and The whole app is in Japanese. Meaning not even can you not do the cool command stuff with it but it’ll take you an hour to figure out how to even reach the damn menu. Ill save some people some time… You have to hold down his nose. Not press it.. Hold it

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