Arriving with Yamanote to Shibuya & Hachiko

Yesterday I shared with you my passion for the Yamanote Line. In this post I show you a video where I use a Yamanote train, I get off at Shibuya, I show you how long a Yamanote train is, and I end up next to the Hachiko Dog.

I say something in Spanish, just ignore it… what I say it is not interesting anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

8 Replies to “Arriving with Yamanote to Shibuya & Hachiko”

  1. O________________O

    The giant mecha snakes of Tokyo!

    Kudo’s to the posing guy with the cute girl.

    werilkasdfkl FREE HUGS! I want one!

  2. nice video hector, this is my hod, an while i don;t use it often so often,I always appreciate it for what it is,,

    ie. a very cool place..

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