Bicycle bells

When I first came to Japan one of the most annoying things I found was that while walking on the streets I had to evade bicycles. Yes!, bicycles in Japan can ride in the sidewalks. Then I got a bike and did the same as them, go by the sidewalks and ring the bell when too many people was blocking my way. It works really well, you ring the bell and they just move to one side automatically.

At his video you can see a smart guy that is walking and using a bike bell when the sidewalk is too crowded.

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Haahahahaha that’s a smart one.!!! I’m wondering if it is going to work in the other countries…let’s give it a try!!

actually it might even only work in Tokyo. I live in Sendai (about 1 million people) and I almost never get the bells from a cyclist, but from when I used to live in Tokyo, I would get it daily!

That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. 😀 It got too funny to bear when he used it inside buildings and on the escalator.

oh my goddo. Sooo funnny. The escalator. hahahaha. It will only work in very homogeneous societies I think.

I think the businessman who looks round in funniest
*ring ring*
“Hey that guy’s walking, I won’t move”
*ring ring*
“Two rings? Can’t argue with that!”

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