Bonds 絆 chosen as 2011 Kanji of the year

Every year the Japanese people choose one kanji character that represents the society’s sentiment regarding the year that is coming to an end. The most voted character this year has been 絆 (kizuna, きずな), which means “bonds”, normally used when talking about the bonds and collaboration among people, friends, family… In this case it has been chosen to represent how united the Japanese people and the whole world have been when facing what happened 9 months ago in Tohoku.

Once the kanji of the year is chosen it is publicly announced by writing it in Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto.

kanji bonds
A monk writing 絆 this morning

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Hi Hector – love your blog and the tales of your life in Japan. I have taken the liberty of commenting on your blog on mine and shared a photo – I hope that you don’t mind. If you do, I will delete the post.

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