Trash cans for adult magazines – 白いポスト

20-30 years ago there were many trash bins called “Shiroi Posto” (白いポスト – White mailbox). Nowadays you can still found some “Shiroi Posto” in little villages around Japan, but they are not very common.

These trash cans/mailboxes are used to dispose magazines, films, or whatever erotic/pornographic good that you don’t want to have at home in case you are having problems to hide it from your parents. Lets say that Japanese designed it as a service for adolescents.

A website from a city called “Hashima” explains it: “In order to keep your mental and physical health, beloved adolescents! please use this mailbox to dispose those magazines or books that you don’t want to keep at home”.

“Shiroi Posto”, a special mailbox for sexual goods

Some Japanese told me that they idea to create these special trash bins surged from the problems that some villages had when they started to find “illegal garbage dumps full of sex magazines” at the entrance of the forest, near the river or in hidden places inside parks; a friend of mine confessed me that he got his first erotic movie from the border of the nearest forest from his home 15 years ago.

In the big cities “Shiori posto” never proliferated (It seems that is easier to dispose discreetly a magazine in Japanese cities than in Japanese villages). In fact, in many Japanese little towns and villages you can still find “Shiroi posto” , in this website you can go through a collection of “Shiroi posto” that are still active and the places where the pictures where taken.

I wonder if in the future we will have specialized trash cans for doll disposal 😉

Sex in Japan – Part3

Let’s finish the articles about Sex in Japan:

Some more data from Anan . Remember that data is from girls between 20 and 50 years old.

More info about how to give pleasure to your boyfriend.

Where do you practice sex?
31% – Love hotels.
35% – At home.
30% – My partner’s home.
3% – Hotels.
1% – Other.

Ar you satisfied with your sexual life?
41% – Is not bad.
31% – It’s OK.
10% – I’m satisfied.
5%- I’m not satisfied.
12% – I’m very satisfied.
1% – Others.

Now some sections with questions, very similar to those that we can find in any western magazine. I just translate the titles so you can get a sense of what are they worried about.

Being sexless is bad for your health?

Is it rare that you want to practice sex everyday?

Is it necessary to talk while having sex? (Typical question from everywhere in the world!)

Do men dislike girls that do not practice fellatio.

But let’s go back to the first chart I showed at Sex in Japan – Part 1, so we can continue discussing the reasons why Japanese are always the last in sexual rankings.

The first to reasons were: they see their partner more as a family member than a sexual partner and they are pretty fond of affairs. Another big reason is that Japanese are very very humble people, they never exaggerate what they say and they even reduce the importance of their merits. Western people as me like to exaggerate data, “Hey guys! yesterday a saw a chocolate cake in a bakery that it was at least two meters long!” when a Japanese would say “By the way, yesterday I saw a cake that was pretty big and looked like kind of delicious”. For sex questions is the same, if a French guy fucks 100 times a year maybe he will say 125, but a Japanese would say 75. Some people exaggerate, some people just do the other way.

Some other reasons are: Japanese women starting to join the labor force, stress in general all around Japan and mainly in big city, they consider sex as a routine and they sometimes they feel that is just annoying, Bayer survey says that even nowadays 10% of the people thinks that sex is just important for making kids.

I think I talked about many of the main reasons, showed data, charts and surveys that should help you to create your own opinion about Sex in Japan. If you are not tired you can continue reading: Timesonline article, a book about the sexless phenomenon and great article at