Sex in Japan – Part1

Look at the next chart with data obtained after asking to 411 men and 412 women married between thirty and sixty years old:

Title: with which frequency do you practice sex with your husband/wife?
35%:It’s been more than one year since the last time
10%:4 times a year
16%: Once a month
10%: Two times a year
3%: Once a year
3%: Everyday
10%: Once a week
13%: Once every two weeks

Data is from survey made by Bayer.

It makes an average of 17 times a year! That’s even less than the data that Durex usually publishes with his Sex Global Survey that is not only limited to married couples. Durex results gives always an average of 40-50 intercourses a year for Japanese people. Many of you are thinking that is not convenient to marry a Japanese girl… but maybe is Japanese guys fault, let’s analyze more data and see which are the reasons why Japanese data is so low.

Results from Durex published at Anan magazine. 45 times a year for Japan.

If you have ever been in a Japanese city you realized that it’s full of “clubs” and strange places, they have love hotels, used underwear vending machines, and many other things that give them an aura of being sexually active and perverted.

I took this picture at the entrance of one shop at Akihabara in Tokyo.

Vending machines with erotic DVD adds.

An Addman trying to sell sex related goods.

Let’s go back to the first chart and analyze why data is not matching with what we see, or maybe it’s Japanese sexual frustration that makes them to look for different things instead of using their couple. Let’s see some more data from the Bayer survey.

¿Which is the distance from your cushions?

  • Couples in their thirties: 54.5cm
  • Forties: 65cm
  • Fifties: 70,8cm
  • Sixties: 81.9cm

¿What type of bed do you use?
25% sleep in different rooms, or different houses because they are working in different places or whatever! (These are not included in the previous question 😉 ). There are around 30% and 40% of couples are sleeping at separated beds/futons in the same room.

One of the first times I entered a Japanese family home one of the things that surprised me a lot was that mum and dad where sleeping in different rooms. That’s not very common, but what it is pretty normal is that each one has his own futon or bed inside the same room. It seems like they are friends or siblings instead of a married couple. Japanese anthropologists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time, and one of the big conclusions is that They feel that when they marry their couple becomes part of the family, is like a brother or sister. And doing nasty things with your family members doesn’t seem right to anyone….

This way of thinking matches pretty well with the data in the first chart that if we observe carefully it shows that 58% of the Japanese married couples don’t have sex more than four times a year; those couples are considered “sexless” “セクスレス”, a new word/phenomenon that lately everybody talks about. They talk about the “sexless” problem on TV, magazines, newspapers… On Part 2 I will explain more about the “sexless” and other reasons why Japanese are always ridiculed in front of international statistics.