Furoshiki – 風呂敷

“Furoshiki” is the name of a traditional wrapping cloth that were used in the old times for cloths and object transport. Nowadays it’s not really used but the Japanese Government is making some campaigns in order to promote its use, in fact “furoshiki” are low-tech reusable multiuse bags that do not fill any space.

Let’s see how “furoshiki” works with some pictures. Try using a tablecloth with square shape.

Put the objects in the center.

Make a knot using two corners.

Another knot using the other two corners.

Pass one of the knots through the hole that is opened at the other one.

Pull hard and you will obtain a handle that will allow you to transport oranges easily.

Picture from the other side.

Now one example with two bottles. Put both bottles ten centimeters from one of the diagonals and with a little gap between them.

Roll using one side.

Roll the other.

Finish rolling.

Pull up both bottles slowly.

Tie the ends creating a handle.

It’s a bag!

Next you have some more methods explained by a picture from the Ministry of Environment.

And this video will give you even more ideas about “furoshiki”.