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If you like manga then Japan is your paradise, manga is cheap here and there are millions of them. If you buy new manga it costs around 400 and 600 Yen, but if you buy used manga volumes then you only have to pay around 100 Yen (1.1$). Even though manga is still popular, the industry is immersed in big crisis and people talks about the 90s as the golden decade for manga and anime. If people read manga while commuting in the old time, now people prefers to use their keitais (mobile phones) to read the latest news or send emails and play with their Nintendo DS or PSP.

100 Yen manga

250 Yen

100 Yen

100 Yen

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The 250 sign is meant for buying some popular and new manga from particulars.

But if you were to sell some unpopular or too common manga second-hand to a shop, you may get an average of 5% of that.

Not to mention the street vendors are selling it for next to nicks after picking up left behind copies from trains and cafe’s etc. Nice bit of entrepeneurialship (if thats a word) from those guys!

Can the Amazon Kindle properly display manga?

I like visiting my local Book-Off when I can’t find it at Kinokuniya.

Even then, I still had to contact my friend in Japan when I wanted a copy of Toilet Hakase.

OMG I WOULD HAVE SERIOUSLY BOUGHT A FEW ROWS OF THOSE 100yen manga books! It goes up so much in price when translated :3 BUT OMG I WANT NOW!

Very neat, but there’s one thing— wouldn’t they be in Japanese, and not English? D:

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