Clean Japan

Watch next video where I’m just showing you the floor of some Tokyo metro stations:

You can even see the people’s reflection while they walk, I’m sure many of us would like to have our home’s floor as clean as Tokyo’s metro floor. The funniest part is to see the cleaning employees cleaning something that is already clean. I remember a guy at Haneda’s airport who was kneeling and patiently cleaning every floor tile one by one using a pocket vacuum cleaner.

Some months ago I spent some days in Madrid, and it was not difficult for me to take pictures like this one:

Metro Madrid

Of course, in Japan there are also some dirty places, but the quantity of these dirty places is ridiculous if you compare with some European countries or China. I’m sure Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world, together with some north-European countries like Sweden, Holland, Norway, Denmark o Finland.

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refering to one of your previous posts, one of Kaizen industrial methods is called 5S.
one of the S states: “keeping something clean is easier and more motivating than cleaning something dirty.”

The subway system in Hong Kong is similarly exceptionally clean. No eating or drinking is allowed on the platforms, and they don’t allow homeless people, bums, etc. down there.

Japan is much cleaner than singapore… i should know because i’ve visited BOTH countries. Yes singapore is exceptionally clean but i would say that Japan is cleaner, especially considering how big their cities are, yet, they manage to keep the place looking so brand new and extremely clean…

I have to agree totally with Jay.. Japan is much much cleaner than Singapore.. I’m a Singaporean. I have been to Japan as well.. If you want to take a look at the true Singapore, go around the neighbourhood areas in the evening or early in the morning.. The amount of rubbish you can find is unbelievable. Japan cleanliness, as far as I know through the tours and some Japanese friends, is well maintained by the cleaners and the CITIZENS.. Japanese have this mentality of wanting to keep the place clean, while Singaporeans have the mentality of “No problem with littering, the cleaners will do the job of cleaning up for me.”. That’s my observation so far though. Any wrong ideas of Japanese, please advise. 🙂

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