Daily Yamanote Moment

Ikusuki’s scooter and my bicycle broke down, better said, we broke them down; so we had to go to work every day by train for a while. We both used the Yamanote line, which every morning is so packed that it makes you feel like you are inside a sardine can. Ikusuki started to take a daily picture inside or outside the train and called it the “Daily Yamanote Moment”, I liked the idea and I started taking some “Daily Yamanote Moment” photos as well. These are some of the pictures that we took:

#mydailyyamanotemoment low compression

#vidasparalelas @ikusuki style

Waiting for the next Yamanote train

Going back home, 帰ります #dailyyamanote

@ikusuki style #sardinastyle #dailyyamanotemoment #sinbici

Se me pinchó una rueda. Gente saliendo de la Yamanote #dailyyamanote

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