Electric motorbike prototype

The electric motorbike prototype in the video is able to reach 150 km/h, while the battery charging time is only 6 hours and has autonomy of 200 km. It will cost around 3.000 euros and will be released to the Japanese market next year.

The motorbike design reminds me of the motorbikes in the movie Akira.

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Congrats Kirai, that’s very fresh information…Not.
The presentaiton of this concept dates back from April 2006 ! The mini-scooter based on this, that was planned to be released the year after for 3k euros (not the actual bike), has never seen the light, and neither has the prototype shown.
The maker, Axle Corporation, seems to have vanished completely. Probably failed and died.
Too bad, I actually liked that bike…

Harley’s appeal still lies more in image than in performance, however, and fashion-driven companies are vulnerable to changes of fashion and generation. The future of Harley’s business is in Gen Xers and Yers, not exactly the forte of a company attuned to baby-boomers’ rhythms and values. Naturally the boomers’ kids want to ride anything but the old man’s model. They’re drawn to machines that are the anti-Harley. American sales of light sport bikes, aimed at 25- to 34-year-old men, increased 90% from 1998 to 2001. Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki have a combined 92% of that market. The 114,000 bikes sold in the category still pale beside the 262,000 in Harley’s cruiser segment. But the youth of America have spoken. They prefer sleeker, sportier machines than the Harley hog, and Harley’s brass had better listen.

these people arn’t exactly what you call marketing geniuses are they?
i bet Kanedas bike is the first thing that pops into the mind of everyone who knows Akira upon seeing a picture of this prototype so why the hell didn’t they paint it red and had it look like Kanedas bike?

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