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It’s been more than one year since I started writing my blog in english. I’ve improved a lot my english writing skills and met many new people who also writes about Japan in english. During the first months of this English version I had around 100~300 pageviews a day, right now it’s always between 4.000 and 6.000 pageviews a day. Not bad, but still far away from the Spanish version with more than 30.000 pageviews a day. By the way, I very happy with my Spanish, next week my book, writen from my Spanish articles will be launched in Spain and South America.

The people who made more comments in this english version are:

Thanks so much!

And the sites who drove me more traffic are:

Thanks so much! I was thinking to do also a Japanese version, but I think I’ll spend more time translating into English some of the Spanish long posts which I’m always procrastinating.

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It is I who should thank you for having such an informative and addictive site that provides Japan enthusiast like me who have never visited or live outside of Japan a window into the Land of the Rising Sun.


Your site is always a fun to read.

I agree that you should spend more time translating your spanish posts to English, occasionally I see some interesting posts (judging from the photos) on the Spanish side which unfortunately didn’t make it to the English side.

From Tokyo Times I found about your site, the style of your articles attracted me , very funny, easy to read for non-english speakers and very precise. keep up the good work.*thumb up*

Amazing site it is Hector.

I cannot tell you how hyped this site got me for my first visit to Japan last year.

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