European phone charger VS japanese

The size is pretty different. I suppose that one of the main reasons is that Japanese electricity is 110V/50Hz at normal households, so the transformer can be little. At wikipedia there is a very interesting article about electricity around the world with a map were you can check the voltages and frequencies used at each country.

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keep on going on english.
I think it’s worth the stretch.
Really don’t know the number of readers of the english version, bit nobody is commenting here, though.

Moreover, I agree with the views and spirit expressed in your last polemical post, although I did’t quite agree on your arguments (indefinition of “things that bother everybody”, despite the miscomparison between a political constitution and an enterprise vision).
Social change and legitimation are difficult to hold on together. I do forget more than often that the important thing is not to have an argument, a point, but to arguing it, know how to defend it in a rational manner.
Blogs arem, most of the time, just opinions. Pity we restrain ourselves in such a superficial way.
And pity we don’t have time to discuss it in front of a nice coffe or beer.

I have a charger that’s like the european one (it is european, lol) but it’s small like that japanese one.

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