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Just came from Eyevio presentation, a website that will start to work tomorrow. It is a Japanese Youtube clone made by Sony, they are not planning to launch it in other languages at the moment. Japan is the second country in the world after United States with more access to Youtube. But I’m pretty sure that if Japanese people have something similar to Youtube with a Japanese interface they will change fast. Let’s see if Sony can do it.

With Eyevio you can upload videos but you can also easily download them. They make it specially easy if you want to donwload videos into Sony gadgets like Walkman or PSP (Typical Sony strategy). Moreover, if we think from a general perspective, right now Sony will have a Youtube clone, an Ipod clone, an Itunes clone… They are cloners!

The event was full of Sony employees and IT people from Tokyo area. I suggested to one of the guys working at the PS3 department if they could make the PS3 cheaper, but he told me that right now they can’t do it ;). Another guy explained me the strategy they’re gonna follow in order to be legal, how are they gonna make sure that their videos do not violate copyrighted material. We all know Youtube’s passive strategy, they just wait untill companies/people complain and then delete the videos, at Eyevio they’re going to be active. That means, that from tomorrow there will be a bunch of Japanese “experts” reviewing user uploaded videos in “real time” and deleting those that they consider that are violating any kind of license. By default, all contents at Eyevio will be Creative Commons, that’s good! and it doesn’t look like a Sony idea, it’s not “typical Sony”.

Here there is a video and some pictures I took at the event.

I went to the event with the tireless Dannychoo, that we all know as the Stormtrooper in Tokyo.

Trying Eyevio with champagne.

2Gb Walkman.

I got a blue Walkman. Cool! But now I will need to spend many hours trying to make it work with a Mac.

This is how Eyevio looks like.

A guy that played soccer in Spain was there!

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Let me add that most of Youtube’s traffic from Japan is due to illegal content. Dudes are ripping and uploading everything like idiots, and young people are watching shows online.

So I’m not sure Sony will rock Japan with CC content. User created content is great, really, but you cannot beat the popularity of professional TV shows available illegally on Youtube.

[…] Saw Masaki and Takeshi from Sony yesterday. They are responsible for Eyevio, Sony’s video sharing site. Eyevio uses CC licenses as a default allowing users to select their license when they upload. As Kirai reports, you can sync to the PSP and the Video Walkman. They also have it working with the Video iPod. They use H.264 with no DRM and only allow you to sync CC licensed content. My favorite part of the demo Takeshi did or me with his Video Walkman was when Eyevio popped up a dialog box when you were about to sync the videos that said, “Do you agree to abide by this CC license?” Awesome. Really. […]

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