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Fit’s Dance Contest

My friend AlePepino who we already know from his Kojima Yoshio video (A video that became so famous that was featured on Japanese TV) is participating in a viral video challenge to promote a new brand of gum called Fit’s.

Lotte has launched a new chewing gum called Fit’s and is organizing a contest to promote it. You can dance like the guys in the commercial and send them a video. The movies are then uploaded to YouTube and there will be prizes for the most seen videos. There are 3 prizes, being the first 1 million yen.

This is the video made a AlePepino, currently they are third, they need a little bit more views to win!:

Our video is a bit different in that it’s a Canadian girl and a Spanish guy dancing before a very typical spot of Fukuoka City as are the ramen “yatai” stalls. I think we haven’t been below 3rd place at any time so for now it looks like we should be able to get a prize. If we get the 1st place, I’d like to send the chewing gum to our blog readers. Please support us by watching it many times, and even sharing it on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If we win, it’ll be thanks to you!

Here you can see the real commercials.

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Chewing gum video dance contest….advance your marketing and challenge the counter parts in the USA, you just might sell a lot of gum….

I joined LOTTE Fit’s dance movie contest. I’m happy if you click いいね!(
like) on my movies.
The main actor of this LOTTE Fit’s TV CM is Takeru Satou who had danced with me for 4 years.(2003~2007)He was 14 years old when we danced together for the first time.4 years have passed since he became popular actor and quit dancing. I want to dance with him on the same CM.This is one of my dream.I’m very happy if you cooperate with me to make the dream come true.
I submitted two short movies.One of them is that
I’m a highschool teacher dancing on this movie.

and the another is that I spin with only one hand.

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