From the Internet to the Eroge business

After one month since I joined Mirai Inc we have been thinking a lot about our business model and we have finally decided to make a shift. From now on one of our main focus is gonna be making eroge (Erotic videogames). The reason is because the Internet market is too competitive here in Tokyo and after some meetings with Nitroplus we learned that eroge is selling A LOT. Danny and I will make videogames in collaboration with Japanese companies, translate those videogames and sell them in Japan and also overseas.

The first game is called Miracle Mirai, an eroge featuring Mirai-chan made in collaboration with Nitroplus. I’m excited, it’s kind of cool and fun to program Mirai-chan erotic moves instead of coding boring html. We are gonna conquer the world!

Check and Nitroplus for more information about the game launch.




15 replies on “From the Internet to the Eroge business”

I’m excited too, although I think that in a different sense ;-P
BTW I hope you make it more interactive and with less reading that usual hentai games, because if not they get boring pretty fast.

Good luck! I promise to play once you translate it… in a second thought, the translation may be the least important part πŸ˜‰

April Fools or not I’m pretty sure it’d be awesome to see in stores “BROUGHT TO YOU BY DANNYCHOO AND KIRAINET!” I’d buy it.

Actually, it was posted on March 31st, so unless kirai fucked up, it shouldnt be an april fools πŸ˜›

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