Geminoid is the name of the robot being developed by professor Ishiguro from the Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories. The objective of professor Ishiguro is to create a robot that is an exact copy of himself. That is to say, he wants to create an artificial professor Ishiguro. Seeing the results of his first prototype, he is doing a pretty good job:

Geminoid android
Professor Ishiguro next to his Geminoid.

Applying the knowledge he has acquired during the development of the first prototypes of Geminoid, the next challenge of professor Ishiguro is to develop a replica of a woman that could be used in hospitals to keep company with patients.

Geminoid robot

The cost of developing a Geminoid (a robot designed taking a concrete real human as a model) following Ishiguro’s techniques is approximately 80,000 euros (110,000 dollars). It is still extremely expensive to have viable commercial applications. What do you think about it? Does it cross the uncanny valley? Would you like to have you own “Geminoid”?

More information about the Geminoid.

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I would absolutely want to have a geminoid of my own. After years of unsuccessfully traversing the politics of human relationships, I would welcome a copy of myself with whom I would have complete agreement with and undying (excuse the pun) support, both emotionally and physically. I can think of nothing better as I am quickly aging.

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