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Three weeks ago I started using Google Plus. I love it! You can follow me here.

Google plus

If you still don’t have a Google+ account and you want to check it out, write a comment in this post and I will invite you.

If you prefer, you can follow my activity in other social networks:

24 replies on “Google Plus”

Hi, I would love an invite for Google ! I’ve been hearing so many great things about it lately, but to see it posted here as well, it must be good 🙂

hey kirai, i like youre page, its very unique. i would also like to get an invite to google plus.( if you can, please).

That’s very generous of you, Hector. I have heard such good things about Google , and and now from you as well. An invitation would be very appreciated.

Interestingly, the “plus” sign was deleted from my comment, and presumably from all the others.

Hola Hector,

My wife and I are moving to Japan in the next few months, so I am really happy to find your website, so I can learn more about what it’s like to live there! I want to buy your book, too!

If you’re able to send me a google invite, I would absolutely love that, too!



your google page looks great! it’s peaked my curiosity. I would love an invitation. Thanks so much!

Btw, love those sleeping posts but that first pic in the last one… wow, nasty~ I dunno if it’s an asian thing, but i’ve done a few of those poses myself (not that nasty one tho XD )

That first pic was great but I am not certain of why. Thanks for the offer of the invite.

Enjoy your weekend

Hi Hector,
I would love an invite for Google! That would be great, thanks a lot in advance!

I’ve been in Japan for 7 years, and hoping to come back one day. Lots of great memories …


Hello Hector,

I would like Google . It would be great if you’d invite me.



I enjoy reading your blog very much, my experiences in Japan were very nice and similar to some of yours. I would also like a Google invite from you – thx and wish you well!

Hola Hector, tírate el rollo porfa e invitame al Google Mi email es de Gmail y es el que te he puesto en el post. Graaacias.

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