"Grandma Maids" Cafeteria

Meido kissas are coffee shops where the waiters are dressed like maids. They are quite popular in certain areas of large Japanese cities. The competition for the clients is so fierce that new business arise based on the same idea but trying to differentiate themselves in some aspect; for example there are businesses where you can get your ears cleaned and massaged.

This time the novelty is a cafeteria where you are served by old maids, up until 77 years old. The name of the cafeteria is “Caffe Rottenmeier”, honoring Mrs. Rottenmeier of Heidi. It is located in Ikebukuro neighborhood and it’s becoming very popular, as people has been lining up every day since it opened at the end of October. Inside the cafeteria the “Rottenmeier waiters” treat you and talk to you in a strict way, telling you off and even scolding you if you don’t sit down in a proper way. Everything is mixed up with smiles and kindness, as if the waiter were your grandma 🙂

Maid cafeteria

Zuco sent me the Yahoo News link of the story.

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Han amazing !
Maybe later we could see appears grand’pa Maids cafe and after grandog and again and again and again lol
(sorry for my very bad english ^^”)

Fascinating. This just made me realize that the Japanese take a dining experience to the next level. It’s not just about the quality and presentation of the food. The atmosphere and the interaction are just as important.

I don’t know that this sort of thing would go over well in the US, since we’re so accustomed to the people serving us being subservient, but I’d like to visit this place, if I had the chance. It would be a cool experience.

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