Hamburger With 1050 Pieces of Bacon

There’s a promotion by Burger King Japan that gives customers the option to add 15 pieces of bacon to their Whopper for an extra 100 yen (around 1 euro / 1,25 dollars). The promotion “has become viral” and yesterday it was the main topic of conversation among my coworkers. Of course somebody had to test the limits of the promotion and ordered 1050 extra pieces of bacon. The amazing thing is that the bacon tower didn’t crumble down… Check out the video below! Quite disgusting! 😉

Hamburger with bacon

Burguer with 1050 bacon strips
Advertising by Burguer King explaining the offer to add 15 extra bacon pieces for 100 yen.

Via Rocket news 24

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Ooh I hope a certain other island country with a consitutional monarchy and a culture loads of foreigners love but don’t understand gets this promotion!
I just hope they don’t have it tomorrow. I’m hanging out with a “Muslim” (though halal is about the only thing she does XD) and would have to resist the temptation XD

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