I wonder if she likes snow

Here you have a photo and the text that I prepared for my new book Momentos (at the moment only available in Spain) but that eventually didn’t make the cut; we didn’t include the photo because it was not good enough (it’s a little bit blurry and there is a stupid foot there). As it is not on the book, I share it here with you.

Having lived in the Mediterranean coast all my life I was surprised to see snow in Tokyo, a city next to the sea in a great bay. As time went by I realized that it was not something exceptional. I was working, and suddenly it started to snow, I went out to the balcony to contemplate the unusual scene of white snowflakes falling over the asphalt of the city. The girl on the photo, in spite of the cold weather, seemed like she was not in a rush to look for shelter and stopped for a few seconds just under my window. I stayed observing curiously, at the beginning I couldn’t see her face, I could only see the snowflakes decomposing after impacting into the blue umbrella. However, there was a moment when she looked up and slightly tilted the umbrella uncovering her eyes during a brief instant that I could capture with my camera.

I wonder if she likes snow.

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