Japan and Spain rank 1st and 2nd in life expectancy

According to the last study of the OCDE Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world (86.4 years) while Spain (my home country) ranks second (84.9 years). I am not an expert and most likely nobody knows for sure but I dare to say that probably two key elements in common between Spain and Japan are a healthy diet and a relatively good healthcare system (even though very different).

Life Expectancy

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I enjoy your blog, but thought that one of the key elements of Spain and Japan being top ranked in life expectancy humorous. The Japanese tend to like to eat smaller meals and the diet of Japanese is more seafood based, compared to the pork popular dishes of Spain.

Actually, Okinawa, which is the part of Japan with the longest life expectancy, also has pork as a most popular dish.

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