Jiya by Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura

I am happy to find out that two of my favorite mangakas Akira Toriyama and Masakazu Katsura, have been working again together to create Jiya (ジヤ), their new joint work. Jiya will start to be published in the magazine Young Jump from December 10th and when it’s over it will be compiled in two tankobon. Akira Toriyama is responsible of drawing the backgrounds and writing the script; while Masakazu Katsura is responsible of drawing the characters. According to official comments by publisher Shueisha, it will be a science fiction manga with a lot of action.

This is the official announcement in the latest edition of Young Jump. The robot design reminds me a lot of Pluto by Naoki Urasawa, although it also reminds me of Zetman, one of the first mangas by Masakazu Katsura.

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