23 Replies to “Kimono VS miniskirt – 2”

  1. *agrees with Ale* Yukata wins… but honestly no more back pictures, we don’t wanna say one girl wins to find out later she’s ugly. 😛

  2. ale/pepino is right! It’s Yukata!
    It’s guys’ talk, isn’t it?!
    But, for now, Kimono and Yukata styles are so many way, it’s good think! But dressing is really really bad!
    I don’t want to see young people’s dressing Kimono or Yukata.
    So, mini is good! CUTE ;)

  3. Minifalta of course….

    Yukata lo elegiría para ocasiones “importantes” pero en este caso lo práctico y estético de la miniskirt no tiene comparación 🙂

  4. I like miniskirts. Most western/American girls always wear jeans and basically a derivative version of mens’ wear, which is annoying and not specifically feminine all the time.

    Kimono is nice, but a bit too ceremonial and seems a bit constricting. Formal skirts is the epitome of femininity and you just don’t find many (if any) girls who wear skirts nowadays.

  5. Mini skirt I go for it (*^_^*) its for everyday and also gain a lots of charm! its comfortable, not that warm kimono that you wear it occasionally

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