Lanes for pedestrians

In some of the most crowed areas in Tokyo and Osaka sometimes you can find yourself in a “human lane”. It is nice to have everyone walking in order but in summer it can be hard 🙂

In which lane am I walking? 😉

In Shinjuku there are even some sidewalks with rules concerning pedestrian traffic. For example, this sign is indicating that on the right lane from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon it is a one way lane. But on the left lane the direction changes depending on the time. These “extreme” rules are needed only in districts like Shinjuku where more than three million people commute by everyday.


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For the second note on Shinjuku. It’s actually the moving walk way that changes direction. the left side moving walkway operates in the opposite direction from 10:00 AM.
You normally walk on the left side, with the exception of the Osaka area, where is on the right side.

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