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Live-action Akira movie will be set in Manhattan

Some months ago we already knew that a live-action movie based on the manga film Akira was being made. On that time I said: “at least let’s hope it’s not as bad as the Hollywood adaptation of Dragon Ball…”. According to the latests news it seems that the movie is not going to be very faithful to the original movie (and manga), the main actor will be James Franco (in the original movie Kaneda is Japanese) and what is much worse the movie will be set in Manhattan, not in Neo Tokyo!!! Akira in Manhattan is not Akira!

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@:tudza >> Because Neo-Tokyo in Akira is so present that it’s almost one more of the characters. It’s like getting the famous novel from Mark Twain and setting the “action” on the Nile or Volga. But as usual, everytime the United States gets a god script for a film just go and shit on it making it “more american” so the regular guy would be able to feel attached to the characters.

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