Luxurious food for dogs

In the new Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi there is a shop for dogs. Much of the stuff they sell in this shop is even more expensive than the equivalent food for humans. They have many kinds of pasta, prepared salads, and I even saw tiramisu and puddings for doggies! Hey, I would like to be a dog living in Tokyo… or maybe not, maybe I would prefer eating meat and run freely in a countryside place.

midtown tokyomidtown foodfordogs
Prepared salads, desserts and sandwiches for dogs.

midtown tokyomidtown foodfordogs
Fusilli for dogs.

midtown tokyomidtown foodfordogs
The shop’s entrance.

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  1. I have a friend who eats the same food as his dog… I mean he shares with his dog its prepared food and meat cans. He probably would be delighted in this shop.
    I love these people, the can make a good business of almost everything.

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