Manchukuo, was a puppet state controlled by Japan since 1932 until the end of the war. It was used by the last emperor of China as a refugee, this is explained very well in the movie The Last Emperor. It was also used by Japan to try to invade the rest of China.

Last weekend I found an old magazine from the times when Manchukuo was Japan and before the Second World War. The cover shows a silhouette of Manchukuo’s map and little figures of people happily working. I guess the government was promoting Manchukuo, so Japanese people would go to live there, and foreign countries and industries would invest in the area. The propaganda was pretty effective because I think almost 1 million Japanese civilian ended up living in Manchukuo before the war.


This other pictures is an ad inside the same magazine. They are trying to attract tourism to Japan in general. It’s interesting that the building in the picture is one of the few that was not destroyed in Tokyo during the war. Right now the building is likethis, they just have added more on the top of the original one.

Mitsubishi logo (On the left), did not change a lot.

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i think the magazine is more from the 1950/1960 (early 1960 i would say ?). for aestetic reason (quality of the photo/printing, paper), because there is english in it (also on the cover), i think it is more an historic book, explaining/reprinting propaganda of that period.
perhaps there is a printing date somewhere ?

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