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Melonpan pan is one of my favorite Japanese sweets. Melopan are sweet bread with the shape of half melon, the texture inside is like bread and on the surface it is crispy.

Melon Pan

Originally melopan did not have melon flavor, the name came just from the shape and the wrinkled surface that reminds that of a melon. But the concept evolved and now many melonpan have melon flavor. It sounds like a bad combination, but for me the more it tastes like melon the more I like it! If you come for travel to Japan try it, you can find it almost in any convenience store or bakery. It can also be found in some places in China or Corea. As an alternative, you could also give it a try and bake melonpan at home, here there is the recipe.

Melon Pan
This was just delicious, it tasted A LOT like a melon!

Melon Pan
With chocolate.

Melon Pan

Melon Pan

Melon Pan

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On the “food floor” in LonLon in Kichijouji station, there is a bakery which sells a “patisserie melopan”. It’s really something special.

Interestingly, I have tasted a couple variations of melon pan in kyoto, but I’ve never had one with melon flavor. I did not know there was really a “melon” melon pan.

I am curious to try it now. πŸ™‚

now you’re making me hungry.

heh, I had first found out about melonpan when I was watching Shana. I tried it once when I visited Japan……. haven’t had any since.

Thanks for the recipe link! I’ll give it a try after the semester is over.

it looks like a mexican bread called “Conchita” it seems that both had the same flavor at least (in the photos) but iΒ΄d would like to taste it, visit my blog πŸ™‚

kisses from Mexico

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