Memory alley – 思い出横丁

Omoide-yokocho (思い出横丁) could be translated as “Memory lane” or “The alley of the memories”. Among my friends we call it “The Yakitori street” because most of its restaurants are tiny yakitori places.

It is a very photogenic place and it is nice to have yakitori in any of its restaurants, not for the quality of its food but because of its retro-flavor, its “buildings” are probably the oldest near Shinjuku Station. It feels like being Deckard having noodles at the beginning of Blade Runner.

If you go to Omoide-yokocho for some yakitori and beers, beware of drunken salarymen 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.30.44 AM

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Thanks for publishing this photo.
I was in Tokyo in 2008 and had been walking around all day and walked down Omoide-yokocho but didn’t know its name and so couldn’t find it again a few days later. I often wondered how I could find it if I went back to Tokyo. So thanks, now I have a name I can find it.

Yeah, drunken salarymen – they might want to shake your hand or slap you on the shoulder 🙂
I love Omoide Yokocho btw., it’s incredibly atmospheric, and reminds me not only of Blade Runner but also of Sidney’s Pollack’s Yakuza.

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