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Most of the videos you find at YouTube are just “silly” stuff to have fun, I like it! it’s perfect to practice procrastination. But I’ve also found that there are many interesting/educational videos out there, most of them I would probably have never seen them without the Internet. Some of them explain uncommon ideas, some others show you different perspectives about themes you always thought to be “that way or the other way” because the traditional media made a good job brainwashing us. I don’t mean that the next videos are telling “the truth”, what I mean is that it’s good to see different points of view and then try to make your “own perspective”. Here are some of the videos I recommend to friends.

TED Talks
TED talks is a really cool conference celebrated once a year. Only people with really new or surprising ideas can talk..

  • Multi-touch interfaces: this talk is a classic. It was the first time we could see how multi-touch is gonna change the world.
  • Gapminder: is one of my favorite presentations even, the way the data is shown is just mind-blowing. After watching this video, my perception of the current status of the world changed a lot.
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Conspiracy videos
As I said, these are not more “truth” or less “fake” than the traditional media. Some of them are even more brainwashing than some USA media, but at least they say something different. I learned new things about the 11-S and how the FED has much more power than I thought.

  • Zeitgeist: this video is two hours long, but it’s worth to watch it and then discuss it with friends. Is one of those documentaries you would never see on TV.
  • Freedom to fascism: this is another documentary from the same author but about the Federal Reserve. It explains how the FED is has more power than the US government when it comes to money decisions, and money is everything. This is another video about the FED a little bit more objective.

Google talks
Goggle invites writers, politicians, businessmen and famous nerds/geeks to talk in their headquarters. Some talks are pretty boring but others are really interesting. Here are some of my favorite but you can watch all of them at Google Tech Talks or at Authors@Google.

Another good source of lecture videos is the MIT open courses. Do you have any other recommendation? Some video I should watch?

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You did not just link to Zietgiest.

That thing is a pile of conspirest crap, and your blog is above such idiotic high-school philosophical ramblings.

From the first minutes of the movie I saw that all the words from it are just to blow our mind. The truth is altered. I think that it’s made by north-americans foe north-americans.

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