Miyazaki Strikes Back

After his “supposed” retirement Hayao Miyazaki is back in the game again. His new work will be a short film and it will be the first time a Miyazaki work is completely created with computer animation. The title of the short film will be Boro The Caterpillar (“Kemushi no Boro”) and it will be shown at the auditorium at The Ghibli Museum.

In the press conference Miyazaki explained the decision to use only computer animation for the short film:

“I can’t find good brushes any more, and the quality of drawing paper has declined,” he said. “It seems the world has been changing fundamentally.”

He also did some comments about primer minister Abe’s politics in respect to Second World War:

“We must express deep remorse over the tremendous damage we caused to the people of China. We must clearly state that we regret that,” Miyazaki said. “I know there are many people who wish to forget that part of history, but we must never forget the senseless acts that Japan conducted in China over a long period of time.”