Mysterious light during last week's aftershock

Since last week we are starting to have aftershocks of magnitude larger than 7, during last month we had hundreds of aftershocks but always smaller than 7. One of the aftershocks of last week, a 7.1 earthquake with epicenter near Fukushima, caused “only” three deaths, four fires and a strange “luminescence phenomenon” in the transformers of a power plant in Sendai:

Source: Neetetsu.

Yesterday in Tokyo we felt one of the strongest aftershocks in the last month (not counting the aftershocks during the day after the big earthquake). This time it was “only” a 7.1 earthquake on solid ground in Fukushima, much nearer from Tokyo than the aftershocks of the last weeks with epicenter in the sea. This is a graph of the more than 900 earthquakes of last month, you can appreciate how the average magnitude has started to increase during last week, we hope it starts to decrease soon 🙂

1 month eartquakes in Japan