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A Japanese guy has invented a new super-gadget that helps him to announce to the people sitting around him in which station he is planning to get off the train. Thanks to this gadget we will be able to sleep without having to worry about waking up because our fellow travelers will hopefully wake us up in our when we arrive to our destination.

This is the inventor trying his own thing.

And this is the first test recorded in a video. In the screen it says “I’m getting off in Mejiro station”. Cool, but it didn’t work! Nobody woke him up! Poor guy 🙂

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No, I don’t think it’ll work in Japan. They enter a sort of “shell” when commuting, they don’t even notice a Stormtrooper let alone some guy with a silly device on his head 🙂
And even if they notice, nobody’ll will wake him up — I heard that they feel indebted if somebody helps them, and they just don’t want to help a stranger to avoid starting this chain of debt..(?)

Same concept in London:
“wake me up at anywhere but harajuku eki” 😀

Do I have to paste my entire comment on how this is useless again?

This is too reliant on someone else’s will to help. There are simple solutions to use with already widespread tech. Cellphones.

Just another invention that didn’t need to be created.

There is an iPhone App that interacts with the GPS function and the new Google Maps walking directions, that also has the option to use public transportation, that will ring and vibe when you get close to the destination.

Train rides are even easier you can program a normal
cellphone with an alarm to go off just before arrival time.

If you think the noise is a problem rememember cellphones also vibrate I can easily feel my phone Vibrating if I am asleep.

If it’s coupled with a headset they can hear it right in there ear, alarms and rings are always piped through the headphones or headset as well, be it Bluetooth or Wired.

Also keep in mind that a majority of Portable Media Players and the Nintendo DS come with alarms that go through their headphones.

I hear Japanese trains are like clockwork so it should be relatively simple thing to find out the travel times.

Yeah it probably won’t work. But it looks funny as hell.

The inventor was probably just going for laughs.

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