Osaka Obachan

Last weekend we went to have a picnic in Yoyogi. While we were enjoying our time some really nice and lovely old grandmas approached us. One of them started to flirt with our friend Javi and when she found out that we were from Spain she started to dance flamenco until she tripped over and fell down to the ground. She immediately got back up laughing and kept walking around with her friends.

Our friend Yuko told us that, for the way they were dressing, these grandmas looked like they were part of an Osaka music band called “Osaka Obachan”. As we heard that we quickly googled the group in our smartphones and this is the first thing we found.

Osaka obachan

It turns out that they are a group of 47 idol grandmas, something similar to an old AKB48. In this video you can see them in action dancing and singing: