Ion generators

In Japan it seems that they love anything that “generates” ions. Ion generator gadgets are supposed to be improving the quality of the air that you breath by generation positive or negative ions. You can even select your preference in many of them! In my office we have two of them, the office ladies working with me love them, but when I ask them “What is an ion?” they look at me with a funny ignorance/who cares face.

Standard purifier.

For your car.

For your face. You have to move it around your face everyday and it will improve your skin.

Ions only for men! WTF

Hair driers with ion generation.

Hair brush ion generation.


Meido Kissa – メイド喫茶

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Meido Kissas are coffee shops where ladies wearing maid clothing serve you the coffe. Meid Kissa trend is extending not only all around Japan but also through all Asia. At major cities like Seul, Taipei or Hong Kong, Meido Kissa’s are appearing; I read somewhere that even at Canad someone started a Meido Kissa.

When you enter a Meido Kissa, many girls welcome you bowing and they utter a respect formula in japanese, something like “Welcome back, honorable man of this home”. They try to make you feel as you are a really important man with lots of money, a big mansion and many maids working for you. But anyways, it’s just a coffe shop, so it feels more like a real-life-simulation I guess 🙂

Some “meido” walk around Akihabara at Tokyo trying to catch your attention and guide you till their Meido Kissa.

Meido Kissa advertisement.

Akihabara is the origin of this trend-business, and there it is where new business models are being developed based on the same original idea. For example, there are Meido Kissas for women where nice looking guys serve the tea or coffee to the men clients. There are also Meido hairdressing places, where girls dress as a maid cut your hair or shave you. And the last trend are massage and aromatherapy saloons where girls dressed as maids take care of your mussels and your back pain.

Meido Aromatherapy.

Hands massage.

Photos from Mai-foot.

What’s going on in a Meido Kissa.