The dragon that goes up and the dragon that goes down – 昇り龍・降り龍

In one of the temples in Nikko, the ceiling is full of dragons, some of them are holding a ball and others are not.

Dragon up, dragon down, in Nikko

Those that are not holding a ball, are the ones that go up (Nobori Ryu – 昇り龍), they are coming back to the sky. Legend has it that those that are holding a ball are much more powerful. The ball, which they got in the sky, allows them to be able to enter the world of humans, they are the dragons that go down (Kudari Ryu- 降り龍).

That ball which the dragons that go down are holding is known as “zuitama” 瑞玉, ball of good fortune, or maybe “dragon ball” 😉 The legend also says that “zuitama” 瑞玉 balls can bring good fortune to humans and are able to make your dreams come true.

Golden Week

It’s Golden Week time in Japan, one of the longest holiday periods here after the year’s end and obon (in August). Golden Week was introduced short after the end of Second World War as a measure to fuel consumption. Nowadays it is chosen by most of the Japanese people to travel (the holidays at the end of the year and obon are mainly dedicated to spend time with family)

At the end of April and beginning of May the weather is ideal to travel around Japan, it’s not hot nor cold, and most likely the best time of the year to travel. The problem is that if you decide to come in this time to Japan, your holidays will overlap with the holidays of millions of Japanese people, you might feel overwhelmed by so many people and you might find yourself having a difficult time finding hotels and other stuff. If you decide to come to Japan on this time of the year the key is to book accommodation in advance (more than 2 months before).

Holidays during Golden Week

  • April 29th: Showa day
  • May 3rd: The day of the constitution
  • May 4th: The day of the green
  • May 5th: The day of the children

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MoreLomo is the last iPhone 4 app I am hooked to after Hipstamatic. MoreLomo is free and very easy to use. You only have to touch, shoot and at the end it gives you the option to save the picture with “lomo&#8221 effect or without. Until now I have been experimenting taking some photos of flowers and shadows:

Walking to Omotesando

Fly, 飛ぶ

Jump, 飛ぶ!