Photo and video from Shibuya's east exit

Hachiko exit is the most famous Shibuya’s exit because it’s facing the famous scramble crossing with many big screens covering the building fronts. The east exit is no so well known but is also interesting, from there you can see elevated highways, trains crossing buildings, many neon lights, and there are better restaurants and less crowded than the ones at the other side.

Here there is a picture and a video I took from a pedestrian pass that is here (map just in case you you want to take the same picture and video).

High res picture

2 replies on “Photo and video from Shibuya's east exit”

the camera’s on a panning tripod…right?

(here in china [well, in beijing.] if u start taking a camera out in the city, people–lots would gather behind you to see what you’re filiming within minutes…)

no, I’m using my hands to move the camera. For the photo I put the camera on the floor.

In China I noticed that many people wanted a picture with me 🙂 Do I have a funny face?

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