Pocket Wifi by Emobile

The latest gadget released to the Japanese market by Emobile looks great to me. It is a device that fits your pocket and connects to the Internet via HSDPA anywhere in the country at 7.2Mbps, without being plugged to any computer, and then generates a 802.11 Wi-Fi signal.
In other words, if you have the Pocket Wi-Fi by Emobile you will be able to surf the Internet with any Wi-Fi device you have. You can enjoy it for only 45 euros per month with a flat rate (no bandwidth restrictions are applied).

Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wifi
Explanation that shows how with the Pocket Wi-Fi you can connect to the Internet with any device.

Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wifi

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My cellphone does exactly the same using a piece of software called “WM Wifi Router” and some Nokia Phones even have the function built-in, IIRC.

Oh, I forget… Everyone but me has an iPhone nowadays, and those can’t do something like that beacause Apple won’t allow it. Well, then you need that kind of additional hardware, I guess.

While this sounds good on paper… what about the underlying infrastructure in Japan (and are there numbers how many of these devices are in use on a regular basis)? Here in Germany, there are a number of offers for daily/monthly flatrates. However, while especially the daily ones also have bandwidth restrictions (which means that you’ll either be disconnected or the transfer becomes even more unbearable slow once you reach a traffic limit), in reality, it’s almost impossible to _ever_ use the advertised (maximum) speeds.

m_ueerall, It’s not only good on paper, but it’s actually good. the device is not really something new. Emobile has had USB/Card devices with the exact same plan for years. The only difference here is that it no longer needs a laptop to be used.
I’ve had a 7.2 MBPS unlimited device for about one or two years now. And the coverage/speed has only increase in performance since this device has come out. They’ve expanded the coverage and are expanding it to cover all subway stops in Tokyo.

IT seems that experiences of other countries can’t really be used when looking at internet services in Japan. When on full bars, I often download at the max of the service provider, which is often not 7Mbps, but then that’s not an issue of the device, but of the site you’re downloading from.

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