Pushers extreme version

I’ve never seen something so extreme, it seems the video is from 20 years ago here in Tokyo.

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The original videos were from Lyle Saxon from the TLUG mailing list posted April 5, 2008.

You think the trains are crowded now? Check out how it was before companies began allowing flextime (1991):

Before automatic ticket gates – this one the east exit of Shinjuku Station (1990):

By way of contrast, here is the same ticket barrier – taken about three weeks ago (note the orange-hair gate crasher):

Ah..the good old days!!!

Before automatic ticket gates they cut tickets by hand and just watching those guys cutting tickets and collecting the fare differences of hundreds of people at the same time was amazing..

Tokyo Trains are not as crowded as they used to be. That’s for sure.

WTF. Why didn’t a few of en get off?? I saw a couple of people leave like “I’m not gonna fit in there!”

This happened to me too.
Riding on the famous Odakyuu line… from the far Kanagawa prefecture to Shinjuku station.
In the morning, for me it was one hour of only people entering the train at every stop, no one leaving.
Wow, it was a kind of cultural experience… ^^
I would not repeat it though…

Thanks for the video, Hector!

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