Random Tokyo photos

I think that after many years living in Japan I have lost a little bit my capacity to be surprised while walking in Japanese territory. To avoid that I try to maintain my curiosity alive by asking, learning, reading and taking pictures each day of what I see and catches my attention. Here you have some random photos of little details in Tokyo that activated my curiosity. To those of you who have traveled to Japan: what did specially grab your attention at the beginning? what did you take pictures of? To those of you who have been living here for a while: What is something that keeps surprising you each day?

baseball bat
A man practicing with a baseball bat (without ball) in a residential street.

Starbucks Asakusa
A Starbucks in an old ugly building in Asakusa.

Two nuns
Two nuns walking in Ichigaya.

Super Mario Bros Wii advertisement
Super Mario Bros Wii advertisement

Blind joggers
Blind joggers and their guides in Yoyogi.



Ice cream shop in Shimokitazawa

Books piled up
Books piled up in a street waiting for the trash truck.

second hand Mac
A second hand Mac in Akihabara.

subway ticketing machine
Reparation of one of the subway ticketing machines.

I like the kanji on the left.

Dragon Balls
There are more than 7!

Ultraman soft drink
Ultraman soft drink

Artificial palm tree in Daikanyama.

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When I went to Japan, it was the people that caught my attention. I was just curious as to how they do things and the way they dress because it’s really unique. Well, maybe for a gaijin like me. I was also interested in the stuff they sell in their konbini, food and drinks. Japan is an interesting place.

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