Reading adult stuff on the subway

Notice that there is a kid right next to the man, but he doesn’t care at all. It is not difficult to see people reading adult magazines and erotic manga in public places without any concern, it seems like they are not embarrassed, like they don’t care about what everyone else thinks about them.

adult stuff on the subway

adult stuff on the subway

Reading porn magazine on the subway

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that’s not a dirty mag. it’s just a local tabloid paper – the page he’s *not reading* just happens to be for sexual services.

Yeah, I don’t really see how you can think of that as a porno magazine. It looks exactly like your regular advert.

Photo magazines, where you can read about tips for taking photos and see the best photos from the community, have nude photographs on the cover from time to time. Why should you feel bad about sitting down reading that?

Personally, I would look down on someone for reading a tabloid while not caring about the guy with the porn.

Nope. Only areas which can grow pubic hair are pixelated. For a short window there was a lot of shaving, as the loophole used to be to pixelate pubic hair, thus why not get rid of the hair? Loophole closed.

On the same note, now that I am back after a 15y absence, why is evening TV so cleaned up? There use to be nothing but boobs, apart from NHK.

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