Real or fake?

Fake food

It’s fake sushi. Japanese restaurants usually show food replicas in their entrance. It’s pretty useful, because you know what you are going to eat, or at least you know how it looks like. It’s not the same in China, where every restaurant is a surprise.

Iwasaki-bei is considered the best company in the world making fake food. Look for example at this picture I took from their site:

Fake food
More pictures at their site.

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I too, enjoyed the food displays in Japan. However, why do you single out China? America doesn’t have food displays either.

American restaurants don’t have food displays but the menu’s describe whats in the dish and how its prepared.

I saw on the news once that tourists bring home these plastic food as “omiyage” or souvenirs of Japan. When my mom and grandma came over, my grandma bought so much… I don’t know what she does with them now πŸ™‚

I used to think these were for tourists who don’t speak Japanese but after 4 years here I’ve come to realise that they’re actually for Japanese people who don’t know what the food in the restaurant actually is or more specifically “looks like”.

I’ve noticed that Japanese people tend to look at something and say “Oishi so! Let’s buy this!” where most westerners will read the description and say “This sounds good, let’s try this”.

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