Self-haircut aid

I found this product in this online shop.
Would you use it?

9 replies on “Self-haircut aid”

I would, I cut my own hair well shave my scalp and this would make the clean up snap.

And no one could make fun of me for it unless they where peaking in my bathroom, haha

Even if you cut your own hair (not advisable, trust me) and that thing catches all the loose bits, how would you get rid of them? You can’t take it off, without spilling everything to the floor (or on your head), and it’s a bit awkward to try and tilt it all into a bin – so it’s a great idea for catching the falling hair, but disposal will be a little bit tricky.

My mum used it before, when cutting my baby sister’s hair. It’s useful and disposal isn’t so bad if you tilt it right. I live in Singapore but I’ve seen it around Asia.

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