18 Replies to “Shit vending machine”

  1. I remember back when the animals with rubber poop coming out of their butts was pretty popular. This reminds me of that time lol

  2. Being cuban i understood every single word of the video and couldn’t stop laughing

  3. I’ll probobly understand most of that by the end of the year…but seriously, WTF?! A shit vending matchine? ROFLMAO!!

  4. I remember a vendor at my local farmers market that sold fake shit.

    Unfortunately, it was the ultra-realistic type. Not the comical Japanese version.

  5. jeje, yo encontre shit para el celular… son esos jugetes, pero phone charms, y cuando entra una llamada, tienen unas luces que empiezan a a iluminar…

  6. Kirainet- You mean that Sapporo building with the golden sculpture on top near Asakusa? I’ve heard “the golden turd” before…

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