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Smoker awareness campaign

Japanese cities are pretty strict “against” smokers, in most areas it is prohibited to smoke in the streets and they can only smoke in designated areas. The problem is that there are not many rules for restaurants and closed areas where smoker and non-smoker areas are separated by just one sign. And the worst is that there are so many smokers in Japan, for non-smokers is very difficult to find smoke-free areas.

Here are pictures I took during the last week with some ads from a campaign that is trying to explain to the smokers why do we hate their attitude. And what could they do so we the non-smokers and everyone in general can live better. I like the campaign because it’s original and pretty detailed, there are things that I never thought before.

If you are a smoker, you are not a cowboy 🙂

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5 replies on “Smoker awareness campaign”

I saw a few of these when i visited the last few times, though most of these are new to me!
Thanks! They are actually quite insightful, intresting to look at and dont insult the intelligence of the person its aimed at.

I love the ‘super view’ one!

I saw some too. Like “I bury my cigarette stumps in the beach where kids can find them.” Or something like that, there was another one too, but can’t remember what it said.

Found them in Enoshima.

I can understand smoke can be annoying but I really have the idea that smokers are portrayed as criminals! I’m a smoker myself and I agree that smoking in restaurants, public buildings, etc… should be prohibited, but rules this strickt for just smoking on the street? Sheesh…

this is really annoying. Anywhere I go, always have a son of btch smoking. Does not mater if I am at train platform, restaurant or standing on the street

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