Danny knows that I like Ghost in the Shell and he gave me the latest tachikoma figure made by GoodSmile. This is how a tachikoma looks like in the anime:

tachikoma figure gs goodsmile

And this is how my tachikoma looks like, cool!

tachikoma figure gs goodsmile
The legs are metallic and robust.

tachikoma figure gs goodsmile

Tachikoma is a police robot with arachnid anatomy. It has four legs, but instead of feed it has wheels at the termination of each leg; this allows him to move really fast.

What I like the most about tachikomas is how their AI works. A group of tachikoma can communicate among them, they can discuss, interchange opinions and decide the best strategy to deactivate a bomb in a building or whatever. It happens that during a mission each tachikoma has different experiences, therefore each of them learns different things. At the end of each mission all tachikomas gather and synchronize their “brains”, they end up learning everything as a group, they end up knowing exactly the same things at the end of the day! This has many philosophical consequences, at the beginning of each day all tachikomas are the “same” and it is easy for them to agree about something, during their missions they diverge and it is more difficult for them to decide, there are more conflicts when trying to decide something.

It is interesting that as a society-culture, at some level we are like tachikomas. Reading the same newspapers, watching the same news, living in the same city… it all “synchronizes” our thinking, what we are worried about, and what we care about. I find it easier to agree on something with someone who reads, lives in the same country and has the same hobbies as me, than agreeing with someone who reads different books, watches different movies, lives in a different place. I’m not saying that being “synchronized” is good, I think variety is VERY important, and I always try to read from as many sources as possible, and I like not “agreeing” and learn new things discussing.

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You forgot to mention that in the end the tachikoma’s became capable of self-sacrifice and became semi-sentient.

Hector, please don’t feed your tachicoma with machine oil. ^_- ps.: GiTS:SAC is very deep and interesting thing indeed

Supposedly there was gonna be a 3rd season of the show after Solid State Society. Yet to hear anything about it though.

my favorite episode is the one that only tachikoma appears. They are in their garage speaking among them, thinking on their life and the behavior of the humans.

is easy to find this figure? or you know where danny brought it? i will visit tokyo next month :-p

3rd series! Please let there be one.. Just finished SSS. Thought it was a bit of a slap for the Tachi’s espicially after they play such a pivitol role in 2nd GIG. Tintermooching for a model myself. Has anyone heard of them USB ones being done in English?

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